Russia Blocks Facebook and Twitter, Hooray!

I have been suggesting Russia bans Facebook, and Twitter for many years now. I have a grudge against these companies.


Reliable information? The Western media have been regurgitating Ukrainian propaganda incessantly. Do they not realise that this propaganda is designed by the Ukrainian secret services to demoralise the Russian public?

I really hope this is not a temporary measure for the duration of the Russian operation in Ukraine and will stay put forever.

In other news, OnlyFans has deprived Russian THOTs of their money. I think Russian women will be better off without OnlyFans, Instagram, and Tinder. But dude, how are they gonna meet Chads? I don’t know and I don’t care…

One thought on “Russia Blocks Facebook and Twitter, Hooray!

  1. Fuckbook will be out of business. Suka has let his political opinion gets in the way of business decisions. You know who’s smart here? Elon Musk. The man clearly stated that Starlink won’t block Russian media. Elon may have done some shit about cryptocurrency last year, but I like his impartial attitude on this boycotting Russia business.

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