4 thoughts on “Ukrainian Parliament Members Held Flags of Countries That Sent Ukraine Weapons

  1. Khokhols are such amazingly stupid retards. For Britain to be treated as some type of “saviour” or “friend” of Banderastan, with free drinks being given in bars to UK passport-holders in Kiev……..is ridiculous in the extreme.

    Britain does basically zero trade with the Ukraine, FDI from the UK is also basically zero.Do the cheap UK airlines even fly to Kiev ( for the mass market of UK sex tourism and general drunkeness)?

    Most importantly , the UK was never part of this Association-Agreement – so Ukrainians could not get visa-free-travel there, where surely a million plus Ukrops would have deluged into the UK to temporarily work and earn some money outside of their disaster economy.

    These weapons deliveries are more PR than anything that will make a practical difference ( except more opportunity for mass corruption and nice deals for islamic terrorists)

    Over all these last 8 years, all these countries ( except maybe the Baltics who have admitted plenty of Ukrop migrants but still do minimal trade) have practically done nothing to improve the Ukraine……..particularly the subhuman North American Galician from the 1940s excrement.


      1. Ironically, all this snow that seems to have swarmed whatever part of the Ukraine that the western media have decided to show of it in these last 3 weeks ……..will only have reinforced in the subconsciousness of westerners that Ukraine is Russia, and Ukrainians are Russians – with these “Ukrainians” shown in western report all dressed like Russians, acting like Russians and in most of these reports…….speaking Russian. It has to be asked though, do they have ANY de-icing salts in 404 and do the municipalities refuse to do any shovelling away of snow? It’s like 3 weeks of these same places having snow covered roads and building from the same snowfall.

        Also, I have always been bemused by the total lack of shame for Banderastan to still use Mariinsky Palace as the official Presidential residence where he tries to impress and prostitute himself to the foreign leaders. At least the Poles would never be this shameful.


      2. Ukrainism in the banderite interpretation is unsustainable in the long term, sooner or later it will reach a peak and collapse.


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