Times Like These Make Me Ashamed For Czech Republic

Munition rounds of 152 mm caliber for the Ukrainian military are ready to be shipped to Ukraine – said Czech defense minister, Černochová. Czechia already prepared for shipment, a military help, including 152 mm rounds.

Bloody hell woman, you are a minister, you make some fuck you money, where is your fashion sense? Don’t have any? Pay somebody to advise you! Have some class!

The Czech Lands are a beautiful place with a rich history, and culture of libertine tolerance, the main land is called Bohemia after all. But unfortunately we have a very low class political culture that reeks of provincialism.

When I heard we are sending the Ukrainians weapons to kill other Ukrainians, I remembered Sasha, my Ukrainian grandad. I heard his Ukrainian accented voice in my head, remembered how we caught perch in the Moldau, and at that moment I burst into tears. Good men like him will die…

Our neighbors, the Germans had enough wisdom to ban sales of weapons to Ukraine. This is because the German political culture has class…

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