Boris the Dickhead is Scaremongering Among Ukrainians

The Russians are coming, they be coming, coming soon…

Whoever made this is a genius…

“Украiнцi та пан заморський”
Невiдомий художник, холст, олiя. 2021-2022.

Attribution: “Ukrainians and an overseas gentleman” – unknown artist, oil painting 2021-2022.

2 thoughts on “Boris the Dickhead is Scaremongering Among Ukrainians

  1. That is hilarious!

    Shuster ( the faggot-idiot tv host) is one of the guys with his back facing the viewer. I assume the other guy on the left is Shukhevich…….but who is the other guy facing the table supposed to be do you think?

    The funniest thing here is that , although I don’t consider “Ukrainian” as an ethnicity but as Russians- for the purposes of this painting, the amount of Russian and Jewish blood here far outnumbers the amount of Ukrainian. It’s not even close. We are talking about the guys controlling the business, media, and politics of the country and ukrop is a distant third

    Maybe before Maidan the “nationalists” claimed were run by the Russian-Jewish mafia

    Now the “peremoga” is …….they are being run by the Jewish-Russian mafia!

    BTW, do you know anything about the ethnicity of the current PM, Schmeigel?

    The other creep Danilov, actually still has his mother living in LNR,and is another thoroughly despicable guy – in other words perfect for Ukrainian apparatus


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