Guru Jára is Innocent

This is a story about my compatriot Jaroslav Dobeš, aka Guru Jára and Óm Nadsamec (Ohm Ubermale; I have not found this title on sites favourable to Guru Jára)…

Guru as a young lad

Guru Jára (pronounced: Yara) was born in 1971 in Příbram. When he reached 18, he emigrated to Italy for a short time, and there in 1991 in a hermitage in Acro, he achieved nirvana. After the Communist regime fell, Guru Jára returned back to Czechoslovakia in 1992 to take care of his ill mother. In 1995, he spent a night in the Pyramid of Menkaure and there he achieved Egyptian enlightenment. By 1996, Guru Jára was already recognised as a spiritual teacher. By 2005 he had 3500 followers. He teaches a “Way of Guru Jára” and draws on Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, and other teachings. Guru Jára is actually an extraordinary man, and an author of more than 20 books. He is a true modern spiritual leader, and an enlightened man.

The most controversial practice of Guru Jára was so called “unhinging”, (oháčkování in Czech, literally unhooking but I went with unhinging because Hinge is a dating app) which amounted to tantric sex with his female followers. Guru Jára claimed the women are unhappy because of their past relationships, and to undo these problems they have to be unhinged through tantric sex with the master. It sounds bad but tantric sex is a legitimate practice and there does not seem to be an element of coercion in this. There is an element of manipulation through ritual trance but if we are to prosecute every man for manipulating women into sex, then there wouldn’t be any men left. Guru Jára may have had tantric sex with hundreds maybe thousands of women.

Guru Jára has a sidekick, Barbory Plášková aka. Šrí Barbora Durga, she is with him in the Philippines.

Guru Jára says they were doing this freely in the nineties, and reports have it that the Czech police became interested in Guru Jára only in 2007. Guru Jára and his followers were enjoying tantric sex rituals in relative freedom for almost two decades but with the new millennium, prudish Western feminism has made inroads into the minds of young women in the Bohemian Lands, and some of his followers reported him for rape. Guru Jára did not realise that you cannot make a Czech woman happy, that is an impossible task.

In the detention center in Manila, the Guru met a Japanese woman named Yoko, who is 13 years his junior, and married her.

But he realised he ain’t gonna get any justice in this country, and set up his shop in the Philippines. He was tried for his alleged crimes in absentia and sentenced to 5.5 years in prison. The last reports I can find say he is in a detention center in Manila, and the Filipino authorities are deciding whether to extradite him to the Czech Republic. Please Filipinos do not send this innocent man to this spiritual desert. There are demonstrations happening in Prague, which are attended by mostly women, and they say they want to be unhinged by the master. Please let Guru Jára set up a practice in the Philippines, so that Czech women could go there and get unhinged. If we cannot have religious freedom in this country, maybe we can have one in the Philippines. The witch hunt against Guru Jára is a persecution of an innocent man. Guru Jára did nothing wrong.

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