Traditional Religion Does not do It for Me!

I was born in a completely atheist family. My father is of Roman Catholic background, and my mother of Russian Orthodox background. That is their ancestors were of these religions but they are not baptised. My German grandmother read me bible stories alongside Brothers Grimm and Czech folktales, suggesting they were all of the same category.

This upbringing left me torn between militant atheism, and a completely unexplainable longing for the religious experience. In my teens, I rejected Bon Dieu (French for Good God, a term used by the Voodooists, should be understood as God in Heavens) openly, and my friend in school told me I am so wrong. In the early adulthood I tried Islam. I was attracted by the simplicity of ritual, and the ease of conversion but have soon realised this is another pre-modern cult, not different from Christianity and thus not very suitable. I enrolled to a social anthropology course called Study of Religions in SOAS. As a part of this course I did a research into the Russian Orthodox communities of London. Since I did a joined degree in SOAS, I also studied the history of Byzantium and the Slavs. The first blog post I ever made on the internet was a result of this study.

While I found the liturgical chants of Orthodoxy electrifying, the rest seemed rather boring and superstitious. My perceptions were only further confirmed after a visit to the Monastery of St. John the Baptist in Essex. The monk I spoke to seemed vapid, and boring. Nevertheless, I entertained the idea of becoming a parish priest. I would make a good priest but then again I would likely make a good Communist as well. In 1989, at the age of 6 I was wearing a young Lenin badge, which I stole from my grandfather’s collection to Jiskra. I had barely any idea what the Communist ideology was, or who Lenin was. Insight is key here, because while I had clerical aspirations, I lacked any faith in Bon Dieu. That would come later.

I wanted to go to a seminary in New York, nevertheless my mother put a stop to this. My Russian uncle was also unimpressed by the idea, he said priest are almost ubiquitously ugly fuckers. I went on to do another sociology degree, this time with a focus on nationalism in Ukraine. At the time of my studies, I attended a faire in Ealing and there I met a fortune teller, who was very skilled with the Tarot. I was amazed, and intrigued to find out where this power comes from. Superstitious Christians would say that the power comes from Lucifer.* But by this logic, if Lucifer, who is the lord of this World, is real, then Bon Dieu is also. What is funny is that the Tarot imagery comes from folk Christianity, ancient philosophy, and astronomy, and was not originally used as a divination tool when it appeared in the 14th century. The Bible itself is actually replete with astrological symbolism.

I personally think that the Thoth Tarot of Aleister Crowley that I use is powered by the souls of dead atheists, who died in the carnage of World War II, when this deck was being painted by Lady Harris. These tortured souls could not ascend because they did not have faith in Bon Dieu, and now they serve you in scrying the future. Jokes aside though, I would not describe myself as an atheist now. The number of Czech people describing themselves as atheists is actually going down. Where traditional religion has collapsed, the void is filled with all manner of strange cults and practices. In Russian they have a saying: “A sacred place never remains empty.” I would describe myself as New Age because I realise we live in liminal times, in a transition to another Aeon.

The crisis of traditional religion is not accidental, it is a symptom observed every 2160 years, when one mission fades away and another takes its place. We have observed a similar process in Late Antiquity with the death of the old gods and the emergence, and rapid ascendancy of Christianity. Now it is Christianity’s turn to make way for a new faith, or rather faiths. Let me dedicate the rest of this post to charting some preliminary elements.

The Future of Religion

The religion of the future will be one of action, movement, speed, and energy

Our society is one of neurosis, fatigue, lethargy, and burn out. Consequently, the religions of the future will need to address this deficiency to be successful. As some of you may know, in 2013 I suffered a horrific accident that left me incapacitated on the right foot. I have requested the insurance company to get me a psychotherapist. The therapist turned out to be this elderly Israeli guy. We were having interesting conversations, and among those was a piece of wisdom I will never forget.

Life is about doing

The will to live comes from action, and sometimes the key to happiness is a dance. Every Rosh Hashanah, the Ukrainian city of Uman turns into a massive rave. Raves are not just acts of weekend hedonism, they can actually be of a great spiritual significance if set in a religious context. Uman is the resting place Rabbi Nakhman. Now, I don’t know much about the work of Rabbi Nakhman but I heard he encouraged personal happiness. The Breslovers, as the followers of Rabbi Nakhman are called have this style of Jewish turbofolk. Here is a playlist, let’s see how much of it you can handle. Many House songs (example) are praises to the Yoruba Orisha, Yemaya, goddess of the seas, which is said to have followed her children that were transported to the Americas. She is often depicted as coming out of the seas. Here is Beyoncé as Oshun, another Orisha.

Yemaya, note the Moon and Venus in the left corner…

Resurgence of interest in paganism

Whether on a purely academic level, or through revival, heathenism is taking over from Christianity.

Crowleyanity with a caveat

Aleister Crowley proclaimed that doing what a fuck you wanna do will be the whole of the law. You wanna do drugs? You wanna have unprotected sex in the woods? Do it! Now, Crowley was a really good example of where this lifestyle leads, he was a heroin addict, and died broke. His followers seem much more composed, Lon Milo DuQuette for instance is an author of many books and looks sober in his videos. You see, in the Aeon of Pisces there were moral codes (Jupiter) based on religion (Jupiter+Neptune) or ideology (Neptune). Jupiter and Neptune rule Pisces. In the Aeon of Aquarius it will be Saturn and Uranus, who rule over that sign. Values (Jupiter) and ideals (Neptune) will be replaced by boundaries and control (Saturn) and attempts to break free and go wild (Uranus).

Ego trip

Those of you that read my article on the so called “Rulers of Men (alternatively: of Earth)”, will know the ruler in the Aeon of Aquarius is going to be the Sun. The Sun is ego, and the men of that Aeon will be those with big egos. You can see that with the televangelists and the prosperity gospel, also called Charismatic Christianity. Big, amplified egos through mass media.

Chivalry is dead

Speaking of mass media, women are getting amplified attention form simps on social media. Thirsty simps is why OnlyFans is a thing in the first place. Women have very amplified egos from the amount of validation they get from men. I don’t do shit for women, and I still get laid.

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