Why I Think the Scare of Russian Invasion of Ukraine is Bogus

Hysteria is going around the Western media about an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine. I personally think that this is more the wish of Washington that Russia invades Ukraine rather than Russia. Russia actually does not want war with Ukraine and would much rather solve the Ukrainian question peacefully. I think that should there be war, it will be confined to Donbas, and the war will only start when the Ukrainian army steps up its military campaign against the Donbas.

Ukraine is in the midst of a serious economic, and political crisis, and it would be counterintuitive for Russia to invade and become the centrepiece of the Ukrainian drama. In fact, I would say the Russians never wanna involve themselves in a war against Ukrainians. Because Ukrainians are their kin. Just look how many people are around Putin with Ukrainian surnames. Kirienko, Kozak… Russians view the Ukrainians as crazy relatives that need to be slapped if they get militant.

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