The Czechs are Getting Snubbed Left and Right Over the Vrbětice Affair

This is really amusing, however it is a consequence of low political culture in our country…

Our Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš demanded EU countries oust at least one diplomat in support of the Czech Republic in the Vrbětice explosions affair. What happened was a Zrada. Nobody expelled any diplomats! Well, previously some countries did expel some diplomats in solidarity, those countries were the Baltic three, Slovakia and, I reckon Poland. And that’s it, none of the Westerners give a fuck… we are in a club with Latvia, and Bulgaria, and Ukraine, where we send weapons. Those shitholes are our true friends, who not only believe our baseless stories but are ready to act to punish the Russians.

The Vice Premier, and Minister of Finance, Alena Schillerová embarrassed herself by demanding one billion CZK in compensation from Russia for the Vrbětice affair. To which the Duma representative for foreign affairs, Leonid Slutskiy said the Czechs should seek compensation from their puppeteers in Washington because the Vrbětice hoax was likely inspired from there. I will say I am loving this new rhetoric of the Russian officials and I am wondering why this change hasn’t come earlier. I guess the Kremlins had a misplaced hope for the Trump administration.

8 thoughts on “The Czechs are Getting Snubbed Left and Right Over the Vrbětice Affair

  1. I think now things might be changing as Russian leadership has began to realize that there’s no way in hell that they can negotiate in an equal fashion, nor even holding a matured, sensible conversation. At this point, Putin and other figures within Russia like Slutskiy are most likely convinced that US’ right wings, while a bit better than the woke army, are mostly useless. There are couple events that led to this though. On one hand, you have Trump’s buddies like Pompeo, Bolton, Navarro…etc, who’re more or less poorly disguised war hawks. On the other hands…let’s just face it, back then Trump had quite a numbers of knuckleheads who supported him. Just take a look at how many boomer Trump supporters fooled by QAnon and blindly rushed to the capital building back in January, which eliminated whatever chance Trump had at being reelected.

    For better or worse, Russia will be a lot more direct about things. Even RT, they also became a lot more direct about US and they’re way more…trollish for lack of better words, than they used to be.

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    1. RT Is inept nonsense. OK I cant say I watch it regularly, but from what I have seen it is double-dealing liberast trash – like the blogger, russian conscription-dodging ( deliberately timed emmigration at the exact moment his period for conscription had expired),lusting after underage girls on the internet ( May 2014), probably 3 or 4 citizenship-holding, anti-russian POS , cancel-culture disciple… Anatoly Karlin.

      Banderastan is a very sensitive and stupid place. Have RT ever done a report that has forced Ukraine to complain? I don’t think so. There is no way a westerner looks at a moron like Bill Browder and sees a trustworthy, credibly person – but because of inept waste of money like RT and losers like Karlin at the front of Russia’s english-speaking spaces, jokes like Browder can implausibly prosper.

      Look at this bitch Marie Yovanovich – ex-US ambassador to Ukropia . She’s either family of a Banderatard or a vlasov-filth emigree , smuggled out by the CIA in the 1940s or 1950s conducting a blood vendetta. Despite that…….absolutely nothing done to get attention for this fact ( same thing with this dog who is FM of Canada).
      So I cant understand why billions of roubles is spent on RT.


      1. I do not know what your beef with Karlin is. Karlin is better than 99% of commentary on Russia, including the RT.

        RT made quite a few films about Ukraibe but really, who can the Ukrainians complain? By the way, I personally rarely visit RT for information included on this blog. I share your opinion that it sucks but RT exists to deliver government POV at times of crisis.

        Most government funded media in Russia are totally crap, offering nothing interesting. I do not visit RT, Sputnik and others. Yours truly, Karlin, and others are not working there.


      2. For RT, I think it’s really because of how it was originally designed to talk some sense into the common folks in the West, for lack of better words. By doing so, perhaps the common folks will come out and call out bullshit on their government. However as Russia began to understand that the problem here is a lot deeper than just Democrats vs Republicans, liberals vs conservatives, populist vs technocrats…etc, I believe RT might change the way how it operated for the past decade. Either that, or it’ll be dissolved in the near future.

        Now for Anatoly Karlin, I’m not that familiar with the guy but I’ve read some of his stuffs. It seems pretty insightful to me. I don’t believe all the rumors and hype about his background as someone like Karlin is bound to attract opponents.


      3. RT channels in the English language mostly host lefties because they are likely maintaining contacts with leftists since the commie days. I watch a lot of RT in Russian. It is a proper official channel. RT has also Arabic, Spanish, French service, so I don’t think it is going anywhere. Russia needs it to broadcast to Latin America and Africa. I do not think it is going anywhere.

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