Serhiy Leshchenko’s Wife Plays Techno at a Sex Positive Party in Moscow

If you haven’t heard about Serhiy Leshchenko by now, he has an extensive English language Wikipedia page.

To sum up this individual, all I can say is that he is absolutely against Russia, and an old time granteater. He calls Russia an aggressor, calls on the West to enact sanctions against that country, hates Putler…

And then low and behold, his wife plays Techno in a Moscow club, Mutabor.

This is the essence of the Ukrainian elite. They peddle Russophobia in the parliament and yet speak Russian at home, and they do not shy from making money in Russia, while they make claims about Russian aggression. They deny the common Ukrainian children education in the Russian language, while their children get the best education in a variety of languages, including Russian. I recall a recent story about a private kindergarten in Dnipro, which said they will not stop communicating in Russian because Russian is the language of the he elite.

I personally do not care about DJ Nastia, Anastasia Topol’skaya, Leshchenko’s wife DJing in Russia, reports have it she even plays in Crimea. She is a DJ, and the nightclub is her World. And while she is guilty of also peddling Russophobia, she has also criticized Svidomism. I understand the girl may be confused about ethnopolitics but Mr. Leschchenko should know better. Mr. Leshchenko was a political journalist, activist, and parliamentarian. Guess what he said in defence of his wife?

“She deserves the highest form of support from Ukrainians. What concerns her activity in Russia, she is in a country which represses this culture. The event in Russia was attended by many LGBT people, a minority which is suffering under Putin and Kadyrov. It is important to support the marginalised people in Russia, who are dying, who are being killed by the Putin’s regime. Her travel to Russia also served to support the people, who are victims of the Putin regime.”

Fuck me man! What a lying snake! This is an official club in Moscow, the ticket costs 1,800 RUB (24 USD). The club pays taxes into the Russian budget, and Leshchenko’s wife did a show there.

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