Kievites Become the Majority of Buyers of Moscow Property reports…

With 6%, people from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, lead in the rating of property buyers in the Russian capital, Moscow. Kiev is followed by St. Petersburg, the citizens of which made 3.8% of the buyers. 99% of this property was homes.

It confirms a statement I made about the wealthy and powerful in Ukraine recently. Russophobia is for the peasants.

PS: Mikhail Poroshenko in a Russia top:

3 thoughts on “Kievites Become the Majority of Buyers of Moscow Property

  1. Then they come home and spread Russophobia to the Ukrainian peasants. On that note, I think Putin might wanna do something about the rich Ukrainian businessmen buying property in Russia’s capital.


    1. What is funny is that the Russian state doesn’t do shit about the Ukrainian businessmen that spread Russophobia. There needs to be greater awareness made about these people. But nobody is willing to put resources on it, and awareness is made on the level of blogs only.

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  2. The European Cup Final yesterday ( shit game with shit winner) , unless my eyes deceived me, had Andrey Shevchenko ( great footballer and now Ukrop national football coach) sitting in the same box as Abramovich and his family. Shevchenko is supposed to be very good friends with Abramovich, played for Chelsea ( well, he was past his best and didn’t do well there) and his son is at Chelsea Football Academy.

    So what’s unusual about this? The shamelessness of Khokhols in where to and where not to focus their outrage on “collaboration” with Russia.Such close relationship between their national manager and the “Kremlin-linked” Abramovich, Sheva also proved himself a moral coward as he hasn’t called up to represent the Ukrainian team Yaroslav Rakitsky after he moved to Zenit Saint Petersburg…even though at the time he was the Ukrainian player in that squad with by far the most International appearances and easily deserving of a place in the team.

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