Borot’ba Tryvae (the Struggle Continues)

The victory of Zelensky has left many orphans. One of them is Volodymyr Viatrovych, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance…

Porokhobots have been orphaned because their position of Ukrainisation, government meddling into affairs of the Church, war in the East, has clearly lost by a huge margin. But the struggle continues…

The elections have ended but the struggle for the main thing is continuing. We are going to be a Churchill in this struggle. We will fight in the streets, in the parliament, in the government, in the courts. We will defend our language, culture, history at any cost. We will fight in books, on TV, on radio, and in the internet. We will never give up. And will will win!

I can only wish Viatrovych that Zelensky keeps him in the position he now occupies, no doubt well paid for somebody of his profession.

One thought on “Borot’ba Tryvae (the Struggle Continues)

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