The 25 Percenters

Svidomites can’t meme…

Ever since Porokh lost the election. His followers have organised a cult called the 25%. The number is based upon the number of votes Porokh got in the presidential election. I think this fad will fade away once Zelensky’s presidency takes off. It should be noted that 25% of 62% turnout is only 15% eligible voters that voted for Porokh. They were mostly concentrated in the West of the country, the Lvov region, that is. The rest were representatives of some of the business class, who are afraid of Kolomoysky. There are scattered svidomites throughout the country and abroad.

25% minority, after defeat, found in itself the strength to show thank you to the loser. We have yet to see the victorious majority and the victor too. The people are afraid to look each other in the eye and see how little they have in common.

This philosopher is Volodymyr Viatrovych, read more about him (here and here).

Here are some of the cult’s followers from Twitter…


Dopeless 25%.jpg


They are spravzhni banderivtsi (“true banderovites”)


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