Do not Forget, who the Real “Benyaficiary” of the Ukrainian Elections is

So I listened to a video of Tet’yana Mont’yan, a Ukrainian lawyer and blogger, and she explained that Ihor Kolomoysky (aka. Benya) is the real winner of the Ukrainian presidential elections. But better yet she tells us, who Kolomoysky is…

I translate:

Do not forget that Benya is fully responsible for the Maidan, and the House of Unions in Odessa (events of 2 May 2014), and the atrocities committed by volunteer battalions that he sponsored. Benya promised to pay 10 kilo tuns of bucks ($10,000) for a Moskal (a Russian). He called Putin, a “dwarf” and a “schizophrenic”. And by the irony of fate, Putin might have to shake hands with Zelensky, a hologram created by Kolomoysky.

The $10,000 for a Mokal billboard was apparently Fake News, but Boris Filatov, currently the Mayor of Dnepropetrovsk, really did offer the reward of $10,000 for every “green man” as the Russian volunteers and intervening forces in Crimea and the East of Ukraine have been called.

The first units of the special battalion “Dneper” are formed and are ready to take part in combat. Block posts are erected. I have thought long about the events in Donetsk and Lugansk. And I came to a clear conclusion, it is a Revolution of Poverty. A mutiny of the tired, desperate and unheard by the government people. Yanukovych’s clique, that has thrown our co-citizens into the abyss of hopelessness, now is provoking them towards separatism, giving out money, which were stolen from the people and promising them future within a neighbouring unfriendly country. Our Russian speaking brothers from the Donbass. They are confused. Having lost direction. Having been bought by a group of bastards. We have an offering: Every handgun handed in $1000, every machine gun $1500, grande launcher $2000. Every green man handed in $10,000. He is a mercenary, who has entered our common country, and wanted to foment a brotherly war among us. For every freed building returned to the local government $200,000…

But I digress, Putler has yet to recognise Zelensky, and the question is “Will he?” I think he should not recognise the Ukrainian government, on the basis that Ukrainians in Russia have been prevented from voting.

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