Russia Banned Export of Oil and Oil Products to Ukraine

In case you missed these news. Translated from Aftershock:

The government of Russia banned export of Russian oil and oil products to Ukraine. This was announced on Thursday (the article is date 18 April) on a meeting of the government and by the Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, when he spoke about the enactment of restrictive measures by Ukraine against the Russian Federation.

“We are setting up a ban on exports of Russian oil and oil products to Ukraine.”  -the head of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

Medvedev also announced the expansion of the ban on the import of certain Ukrainian products. “We need to defend our interests and must take reciprocal measures.” -the head of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

“I have singed a government directive on this topic. We are expanding the ban on the import of certain products from Ukraine. It will concern Ukrainian products of mechanical engineering, light industry, metal processing, the cost of which is $250 million.” -said Medvedev.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers explained that it will be possible to export some Russian products to Ukraine with a special permit. “Now a list of goods which it will be possible to export to Ukraine starting 1 June is being formed. Energy products are being included there, including oil and oil products.”

The Prime Minister added that he singed this directive several days ago. “Several days ago, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have committed another unfriendly act towards our country. They have expanded the list of Russian products whose import into Ukraine is banned. We are forced to enact retaliatory measures to protect our interests.”

Apart from oil, Russia has banned the import into Ukraine of:

Products of coal tar processing

ethylene, propene, butene, butadiene

asphalt compounds for roads

benzene, toluene, xylene

paraffin, wax, made from oil products, mineral waxes, Vaseline

Product from Ukraine that are prohibited to be imported into Russia:

pipe laying machines, forklifts, bulldozers

hardware fasteners, ropes, cords, wires, nets

steel tableware

underwear, stockings, socks, bras, belts, corsets, braces, garters

shoes, soles, heel pads

suits, jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, shorts, t-shirts, long sleeve t-shits, sweaters

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