Friends of Poroshenko are Milking the Ukrainian Military dry

As you probably may have heard, a friend of the Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and a member of Ukraine’s National Security Council, Oleh Hladkovskyi is involved in a corruption scandal…

As alleges, Hladkovskiy (aka Svinarchuk), his son Ihor, and the latter’s friends have been running a scheme that exploited Ukrainian Army’s glut for spare parts following the 2014 conflict in Donbass and breakdown of relations with Russia.

Ihor Hladkovskiy’s gang have been smuggling spare parts for tanks and armoured personal carriers from Russia, and sold these to Ukrainian state defence industry company Ukroboronprom at an increased price. They also allegedly sold goods stolen from the Ukrainian military to Ukroboronprom. All this was covered by Hladkovskyi elder.

I watched BIHUS film two days ago, yesterday Tymoshenko initiated impeachment against Poroshenko in the parliament, but I doubt something will happen because I doubt she can gather enough votes.

BIHUS have other two films prepared. So hopefully it will at least knock down Poroshenko’s ratings.


Realated to corruption in the military might be the frequent explosions of amunition arsenals.

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