Big Ukrainian Kaboom

Every couple of months, Ukraine experiences fireworks…

Ammunition in military arsenals keeps blowing up. Most recently on 9 October, in Ichnya, in the Chernigov region:

But according to Gordon, these types of explosions seem to happen with regularity. Below is an explosion in Artemovsk, in Donetsk region, now called Bakhmut after decommunisation. Apparently, the head of the arsenal and a major were cutting metal for sale.

Series of explosions happened in Novobogdanovka, in Zaparozh’e region, from 2004 until 2007. The reason was soldiers smoking near ammunition.

Then in 2008, another blast happened in Lozovaya, in the Kharkov region. The commander at the arsenal failed to clear out a dump, which caught fire.

In 2015, another storage of ammunition blew up in Svatovo, in the Lugansk region. It was blamed on terrorism.

Last year fire and explosion happened in Balakleya, in the Kharkov region, and it was also blamed on terrorism and sabotage.

Here are some more videos from the site:

Also last year, explosion happened in Kalinovka, in the Vinnitsya region. And it was blamed on guess what? Sabotage!

It would seem the Maidan regime cannot think of anything else than sabotage to blame these blasts on. But no, this year’s explosion was blamed on “negligent attitude of the assigned serviceman that has led to severe consequences”. I heard they were stealing ammunition and blew up the arsenal to cover tracks.

But do not worry, NATO standards are here to save the day:

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 08.38.19.png
The construction of 15 reinforced storages of ammunition of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which follow NATO standard, that is the price we pay for safety. These storages should have automatic defence systems, and fire safety and warning, which should reduce human factor to zero.

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