Kyiv Post risks being shut down over a Language Law reports…

New language law, approved in first hearing on 4 October, threatens the existence of the only full-fledged English language medium in Ukraine, said Olga Rudenko, depute editor of the Kyiv Post on her Facebook page.

In case the new law is enacted, the only way one could produce media in Ukraine not in the state language, would be to produce a parallel version in Ukrainian.

“In the case of Kyiv Post this is impossible. We do not have the resources to produce another newspaper -to pay for the print (which is not cheap), hire new staff, which would (very quickly) transcribe the articles into Ukrainian. In the end, it is simply impossible from a logistical point of view. Yesterday, we handed over a new volume [for print] around midnight because many of the articles were ready rather late. It is simply impossible to cram into this process the publishing of another parallel newspaper in Ukrainian.”, wrote Rudenko.

Same rules do not allow the functioning of the Kyiv Post website. “I understand that the law aims to strengthen the position of the Ukrainian language over Russian. But the law does not specify or divide -there is only state (that is Ukrainian) language and all the others. That is, English is equal with Russian.” -the editor of Kyiv Post remarks.

She thinks, Russian language media will suffer less than Kyiv Post. [translator’s note: Rudenko said Russian language media can turn on an electronic translator, and it works fine. They can keep a “google translated” version of their site just for the looks.] Furthermore, the deputy editor thinks there is no point in having an Ukrainian version because the Kyiv Post fills a niche by performing the function of informing the English speaking readership about events in Ukraine.

“We will now fight to include corrections within the law at its second hearing, which would add an exception from the law for English or the languages of the European Union.” -said Olga Rudenko.


I am amazed to see the Russian speaking Rudenko [she wrote her moaning rant on Facebook in Russian] not attempting to fight for standards of the European Union to be implemented in the language sphere in Ukraine. Half of Ukraine but perhaps most of Ukraine, speaks and thinks in Russian, including Rudenko. Yet, Russian speakers like her for some reason support the replacement of their own language, an international language, with a regional rural vernacular that has a questionable significance even within Ukraine.

If all the languages of Ukraine enjoyed the same rights, Rudenko wouldn’t have this problem…

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