Kyiv Post is good… why you do this to us?

My last post was a translation of a news article on The article also included Olga Rudenko’s (the deputy editor of Kyiv Post) rant on Facebook, which is quite a thing. Sadly, I could not include a translation of this since I decided to limit my posts to 500 words. In the rant she writes about the great job Kyiv Post is doing. Here is the segment:

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 17.18.19.png

[Kyiv Post is a full-fledged medium…]

Which works according to the best standards of Western journalism, and attempts to (almost always with success) combine them with local Ukrainian realities.

Which is made made by a multicultural company made up of Ukrainians and foreigners (Ukrainians make up a majority)

Which supported Ukraine over 23 years, supported her development, success, independence, and identity.

Which from the first day of Russia’s war against Ukraine is telling the World about [Ukraine], in [World’s] main language -English- and is telling the truth, without “rebels” and “civil war” and other nonsense, which constantly makes its way into Western media through Russian propaganda.


If Russia really waged war in Ukraine, it would be “lights out” for Ukraine.

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