Ukraine will buy 72% of her Coal from Russia

You are free to send this article to anyone, who claims Russia wages war on Ukraine. Henceforth, comes a translation from Regnum

Ukraine aims to purchase 72% of her annual supply of hard coal for her thermal power plants in Russia, the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine announced on its official website.

The Russian Federation will deliver 3,815 million tons of hard coal, the other 418 thousand tons Ukraine plans to buy from United States.

In 2019, the country will completely end imports of coal from South Africa.

Ukraine has met with coal shortages following the start of the civil was in Donbass because most of the output of this fuel was concentrated in DNR and LNR.

The hard coal from Russia, which Ukraine buys, often has its origins in the Donbass, and is imported into the country through middle men. DNR and LNR have set up export into many countries around the World, which despite their political support of Ukraine, are not in a rush to reject coal from Donbass.*

*In another report, Regnum mentions reports by the Polish Gazeta Prawna, which said Donbass coal was exported to a number of EU countries.

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