Is DNR About Lenin?

This may sound a bit weird but this is exactly what Denis Kazansky suggests in his tweet, in response to Vladimir Kornilov:

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 19.42.16.png


Denis Kazansky: “What exceptional people, of course. On one hand, Lenin was destroying Krivdonbass (what a word!) (note: it is a combination of Krivoy Rog-Donbass), and on the other they came out to defend his monuments.

Meanwhile, the leaders of DKR were all executed not by some Banderovites but by Great Stalin.”

Vladimir Kornilov: “Today is a tragic anniversary for Donbass. 100 years ago, the Council for Defence led by Lenin decided to hand the Donetsk republic to Ukraine. I quote: “Ask Comrade Stalin through the Office of the Central Committee to conduct the liquidation of the Krivdonbass”. The Donbass is reaping the fruits of this mistake to this day.

For reference: Kazansky is a pro-Ukrainian, and pro-Western writer from Donetsk, Kornilov is a pro-Russian writer from Donetsk.

Those that have been reading my old blog, Austere Insomniac, may know that I am no fan of Lenin. I haven’t changed my opinions since, and still believe that the Lenin Mausoleum ought to be moved to Gorki Leninskie in Podmoskvie, and a Church of the New Martyrs ought to be built in its stead.

That said, the regular inhabitant of Donetsk may not be a fan of gangs of Banderovites toppling monuments in his city.

But really, he might not want to live in a country where streets are named after Stepan Bandera? Something I have never seen Kazansky condemn.

He might want to live in a country, where the Russian language is being discriminated against? Something I have never seen the Russian speaking Kazansky condemn.

He might not want to live in a country, where the president breaks with the constitution to create an anti-Russian Church? Something I have never seen Kazansky condemn.

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