Sovoks are Triggered by Leninoval in Metro: Exodus

4A Games is a Ukrainian developer…

…which moved away from the country of the victorious Maidan in 2014 to the sunny Malta. They say that it is hard to attract investment in a country that fights Putler  her own citizens in the East. The game contains some subtle/or not so subtle hints of Russophobia. However, the Russian state television decided to focus on an achievement called “Decommunisation”, where you shoot Lenin’s head off.

And it looks really funny:

It is an unfortunate state of affairs that Lenin is associated with Russianness. He was nothing but a ghoul, who killed many Russians. And while I am staunchly against the Maidan and against Ukrainian nazis, when the latter began toppling Lenin statues around Ukraine, I did not feel any regrets. It is not Russophobia to remove the statue of a rootless cosmopolitan, who hated the Russian people.

By the way, did you know I used to live very near where Vladimir Lenin lived in London in his time? For a while I lived on the Great Percy Street, Lenin lived at a house on Percy Circus where this street leads.

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