Poroshenko Buys the Pensioners Before Elections

The Vice-Premier of Ukraine, Pavlo Rozenko, published some curious information on his Facebook page…



Pleasant news for Ukrainian pensioners!

The first. The Government will carry out the planed indexation of pension benefits in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On Compulsory Pension Insurance. Such indexation will be carried out for more than 10.2 million pensioners. The indexation is carried out in accordance with the inflationary processes of 2018, and the growth of wages in Ukraine.

The second. Within the framework of the said indexation on March 1, out of the initiative of the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko also introduces additional pension payments to pensioners. The payment will be made to those who have a long insurance record of more than 35 years men / 30 years women (for those who went into retirement after 2011) and and 25/20 years (for those who went into retirement before 2011) but will not receive indexed payments due to low salaries according to the law. The additional payment will make 2400,- HRN ($88,-) (in two tranches: March 1200, and April 1200). Additional resource in the amount of 4.4 billion HRN ($162 million) was received by the Pension Fund at the expense of customs clearance of cars with “Euro licence plates”!*

*The latter deserves an explanation. Due to high custom’s duties, cars imported from the EU cost rather too much in Ukraine. But you can pretend that you are an employee of a foreign company, and drive around in a car registered to that company in Poland or Lithuania. And hundreds of thousands of people did this. Interestingly enough, this activity was rather tolerated, and encouraged by certain activists after Maidan. Until last year when the government decided to crack down upon this, and collect its due to the tune of 11 billion HRN ($407 million). Right in time for elections…

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