Ukrainian Fans of the SS Totenkopf Defend Their Honour

A Facebook page called “Ukrainian Military Honor” published her own analysis of the apology delivered by Ukrainian paratroopers, who were caught flashing patches featuring the emblem of SS division Totenkopf, see my post here…

Here come the screenshots:

Screenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.30.42.pngScreenshot 2018-12-15 at 16.31.03.pngAnd here comes my translation of the above:

Fighter of the Ukrainian Military was forced to humiliate himself for his patch

The other day, there appeared on the internet a photo of a soldier with a patch similar to the symbol of the 3rd tank division of the SS “the Death’s Head.” The scandal originated because the president was present at this photo session.

The first reaction of the Ukrainian Army command was adequate; they have called for the military personnel to be more to be more responsible with their appearance, in order not to give enemy propaganda a chance to create new myths.

However, a week has passed and there appeared a humiliating video on the social network. (I have re-uploaded part of the video to my Youtube channel and have given it subtitles, see below) The soldier apologises before his brothers in arms and [fellow] citizens for giving ammunition to enemy propaganda.

Here the command has clearly overdone it.

Wanting to please the liberal loudmouths, they have forced their own soldier to apologise. A fighter, who according to their own words, has defended Ukraine for three years in the hottest spots on the frontline.

We think this was a grave mistake because:

  1. Orientation towards enemy propaganda is a bad strategy. And to sacrifice your own fighters to her is a crime.
  2. The soldiers is not guilty of attending the photo session. If somebody needs to be punished, it is president’s press service, which has openly overlooked this. It is them, who should “not give ammunition to enemy propaganda.” The role of a soldier is to obey commands, and not to show off in front of cameras.
  3. The majority of fighters in the Anti-Terrorist Operation (earlier this year renamed to Operation of United Forces) have similar patches and have positive feelings about them, even though some may not like it. Of course, this is a mischief but they are warming soldiers’ souls. And before you are going to ban them, ban Sovok (Soviet legacy) in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which crawls out of all the holes.
  4. Skull and bones, “Adam’s skull”, or “Death’s head” have been the symbol of all assault units since the old days. So its use among the paratrooper-assault troops is logical.

We hope that such a mockery will not become a norm.


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