Lavrov Confirms Kremlin’s Commitment to Pederalizatsiya

I have written about the official position of the Russian government vis-a-vis the conflict in Eastern Ukraine. I have called it: “Pederalizatsiya“, which basically is an attempt to return the Donbass people’s republics back into Ukraine on a federative basis, and in this way create a pro-Russian bantustan within Ukraine. This “clever plan” is supposed to keep Ukraine from slipping out of the Russian sphere of influence. But does the Kremlin retain any hope of restoring its influence in Ukraine?

Tass reports: 

Lavrov: Russia will lose the rest of Ukraine if the DNR and LNR are recognised

The Minister of Foreign Affairs also mentioned that the Ukrainian regime has all the traits of being neonazi.

Having recognised DNR and LNR, Russia will lose relations with the rest of Ukraine, which will remain within the hands of a nazi regime. This was said by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in a live interview to the radio station Komsomolskaya Pravda, while answering why Russia does not recognise the DNR and LNR. (watch the video below if you understand Russian)

“You want to recognise LNR and DNR? And then what? Lose the rest of Ukraine, and leave her to neonazis?” -said Lavrov.

The problems of Ukraine are wider than Donbass

The head of the Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation said, the Ukrainian regime has all the traits of being neonazi. “We are not at war with the Ukrainian regime. Who fights against the Ukrainian regime, which has all the traits of being nazi and neonazi, are citizens of Ukraine, who live in Donbass.” -said Lavrov.

Answering a question as to why Russia does not break relations with Kiev, Lavrov said: “We have relations with the Ukrainian state, the Ukrainian state is far more and far more important for us than the regime which came to power because of the betrayal of international law and international etiquette by the West.”

The head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry pointed out: “The Ukrainian people are not guilty, and I believe the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian people want to peace in their country, and hopes to get rid of this shameful regime and wants to return to normal relations with the RF.” (It really begs a question, which mechanisms does Russia have to support this segment of Ukrainian society in order to influence Ukrainian politics?) According to him: “internal issues of Ukraine will have to be solved.” “They are far wider and far deeper than just simply DNR and LNR.” -Lavrov added.

About the Minsk Accords

The Minsk Accords are the only way to overcome the crisis in the Donbass, said Lavrov.

“The Minsk Accords do not have an alternative, I have said this already two years ago” -the minister has underscored.

Answering the journalist’s statement that the Minsk Accords are said to be unworkable, he said: “The UN charter is also being transgressed frequently, and it doesn’t often work. But we should not allow panicked emotions.” (The reality is that Ukraine does not want the Donbass back, and doesn’t do anything to implement the Minsk Accords.)


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