The Types of Women to Avoid

This list eliminates pretty much all modern women from any serious relationship considerations. I don’t take any scruples, and come out of the ideal of debt free, virgins, without tattoos, and will add to it…

This is not to say that your honey may have found Jesus or had an epiphany and is a good girl and all that jazz. Just beware, their past might resurface…

Women with debts

Once upon a time, women could not take out a loan in a bank. Then stunning and brave fembeasts and their beta male allies worked to overturn this injustice. So women can now take out loans in their name but what often happens is these women will find some beta schnuck and make him pay it. So you literally hear of suckers paying some young skank’s student loans. And what is funny is these stories are also accompanied by accounts of uselessness of these women, like they would not do housework or cook. So the sucker has to do these chores on top of busting his ass in a job and draining his bank account to pay for a loan she took out.

Bottom line, if a woman enters a relationship with you saddled with debt, she is a liability. You should not think with your dick when dealing with these broads.

Women with a high body count

The roastie is not some incel meme, and you can discern promiscuity in a girl quite easily by her having pastarami between her legs. All I will tell you is these women can handle the dick but they are not a girlfriend, let alone wife material. Promiscuous women are simply put not loyal, and your dick is one of many they have seen. They may have been with guys that far outperformed you in looks and in bed. This is called alpha windowing.

Soon enough, you may find out that she wants an open relationship, to be friends with benefits and other similar shit. What it says is she wants to hunt for other dicks, and keep you as an option in the likely event Chad does not wish to commit. In the best case scenario, she’ll ghost you if you try to make her exclusive, in the worst you will be raising another man’s kid.

Party girls

Now this is a variation of the promiscuous girl, matter of fact, in my experience all the high body count women like to party. Now women you meet in the club will probably not make for a good partner in the long run. And if you married and your girl goes out to party, you are likely a cuckold.

The problem is, you can’t reform these women. Once a party girl, always a party girl and hot girl summer never ends…

Women with tattoos and piercings

I find tattoos to be weird, and I must say few of the girls I have been with had them. Instead of getting these meaningless doodles, they should get a one single calligraphy tattoo saying: “I hate my dad.” My ex literally got inked after her daddy died, that should tell you a lot. If a young girl has a lot of this tattoo and piercing shit on, it bespeaks permissive parenting. You don’t want anything of this kind around you. Speaking of which, imagine you bring your inked honey to some event, with distinguished gentlemen, and present this tramp as your wife. I know the levels of simping nowadays are off the charts but still.

Single mothers

Single mothers are looking for a substitute dad. So if you are willing to pick up the tab from Johnny the Biker, Pookie the Cokeslinger, you are welcome… the mother puts the welfare of her child first, and you sucker simps are here to make her life easier. So don’t be surprised if you will be asked to pay Johnny junior’s ski trip, Pookie junior’s basketball lessons.

Also, we know Johnny and Pookie are assholes, single mother will make sure you know they are. And because these boys were assholes, your nice guy ass will be put through rigorous shit testing. She wants to make sure you are not the asshole, liar, and cheater.

Bottom line, these women don’t like you that much. They like Johnny and Pookie because those guys are exciting, your boring ass will get the attitude that Johnny and Pookie have no time for.

Women after 30 years of age

Provided they are not already single mothers, they deserve a category of their own. Around the age of 30 comes the Saturn return, and for women this means the Wall, the point where her sexual market value is slowly but surely diminishing, together with her reproductive power.

Party girls, women with high body counts will reach an epiphany. Suddenly they want to jump off the cock carousel, leave the party and settle down. An average Western simp with no self respect thinks this is normal but I will tell you it is not. If her age is anywhere beyond 30, this isn’t OK. In fact 28 is already bad.

This usually means she has saved her best years for Chad, Tyrone, Pookie, and RayRay, and now she wants you sucker to pick up the tab. If you are not disgusted by this, your simp ass cannot be helped.

Furthermore, these women, much like single mothers have the attitude. I have noticed that most of the dating profiles of these women around 30 or after are displaying this passive aggressive tone that screams, the captain of the hockey team had so much fun, I will make your puny ass miserable. Don’t fall for this shit boys.

Gold diggers

I attract these a lot. I guess it is because I like wearing expensive cloths. It is not hard to discern that the hoes are with you for money. Bottom line, never simp out and much like with women with debts, never acquiesce to things like expensive dinners, sugar daddying, and other transfers of money. These women offer nothing beyond used vagina, and the latter has the value of zero.

Divorced women, and monkey branchers

These days, if a woman shows liking to you, you can never be sure if he is not dating somebody else. You should never assume she is your exclusive, it is just your turn. But honestly, homewrecker divorcees and monkey branchers. Women that think their husband or boyfriend wasn’t good enough and that’s why she found you are to be avoided like plague. Women are good at hiding their past but you should do some investigation. The risk is that if she divorced her ex, she will divorce you too. Likewise, woman monkey branching from a normal guy to a guy with money fall squarely into the manipulative gold digger category.

I see it all the time, the girl is with some guy that is handsome and physically fit and abandones the poor fella for some dweeb with money. If you are that dweeb with money, beware my friend, these women mean no good.

Fat women

I don’t think I need to explain that if you are not fat and do exercise, you shouldn’t stick your dick in fat.


The problem with men today is they are wimpy, simpy, and think with their dick. The ladies take advantage of these idiots. I present a different path… a path of the lone wolf that smashes hoes and laughs in their face.

Over 30, No Husband, What to Do?

This is a satire, it is 2022, and I do not care how you feel….

Over thirty? Men play you? Hit the Wall? Achieved INFERTILITY? Baby daddy ran? Men run from you? Cats stink up the house?


It will remove all the problems. Mass lobotomization of leftover women will remove a lot of hate, feminism, cats. You know what I am thinking? The World will be a better place without those things, and you will still be there.

But what do we do with the children of single mothers? Child protective services are always here to help in the civilized West.

But these lobotomized women would need to be taken care of?

These men will take care of you:

America is ripe for a beta uprising…