The Ethnonym “Ukrainian” is Allegedly Sounding Like a Slur to Polish People

I have a working knowledge of Polish, and can understand it, especially in written form. But any intricacies of the language are foreign to me.

I don’t know how genuine problem this is but the ethnonym “Ukrainian” has entered circulation rather recently, and it comes from Polish. The first to speak of Ukrainian nation (украинская народность) was the historian Nikolai Kostomarov in an essay titled “Two Russian nationalities.” Where he said there are two branches of Russians, Greater Russians and Ukrainians. This however cannot be considered the first use of the ethnonym Украинец.

The latter was adopted by some circles by the end of the nineteenth century but remained widespread among political activists and intellectuals only. By the outbreak of the First World War and especially towards its end, this identification got more currency. (See my posts here and here and here). I recall Oles’ Buzyna saying that the ethnonym “Ukrainian” was first officially used in the Austro-Hungarian military in 1916, on the orders of Emperor Karl I.

Otherwise it took root in 1920s during Soviet Korenizatsiya…

No Halychyna for the Hyenas

The map above suggests Western Ukrainian should go away to their former owners. This is why I’m against it, and why it wouldn’t likely happen.

  1. Denazification of Ukraine must include Halychyna. Halychyna should not be made a reservation of svidomism.
  2. The Ukrainian population of Halychyna often lives in properties of the Poles. They will not be keen towards restitutions. Lvov was a Polish city until WW2.
  3. Russia would not allow NATO to move eastwards.
  4. Halychyna must be brought back into the Russian field of influence.

The Other Day, the Speaker of the Czech President Replied to my Tweet

A Czech journalist of Russian origin, Alexandr Mitrofanov, who holds all the proper views. Is against conservative Poland and Hungary, against Putin, and pro-EU accused Poland and Hungary of acting in the interests of the Kremlin.

“According to the [Czech President], Zeman, the Visegrad Group should be united in its support for Poland and Hungary in their conflict with the EU. If the Warsaw Pact cannot, the V4 must do but against the West and to the benefit of the Kremlin.”

So naturally I asked how does it actually benefit the Kremlin, and received a reply from the speaker of the president, Jiří Ovčáček.

“How does it benefit the Kremlin?”

“This is the beauty of it. Poland explicitly supports the Belarusian opposition, defends the Baltic states and is at loggerheads with the Kremlin. Where is the logic in this? If there is anyone that cooperates with the Kremlin, it is the old EU member countries.”

Poland Promises to Become Independent of Russian Gas by 2022

Piotr Naimski, who is the person made responsible by the Polish government for energy security says that thanks to the Baltic Pipe, which is currently being built, and the LNG terminal at Świnoujście, most of Polish gas will come from the opposite direction, and not from Russia…

From Polskie Radio (in Polish)

This Piotr Naimski also said that Poland wants 6 nuclear reactors by 2040…