Western Countries are Threatening Sanctions Against Kazakhstan Over Loss of Influence

Finally it is here. While this may have been a palace coup but the British have evidently lost influence with the sidelining of Nazarbayev’s people. Nazarbayev was climbing the anal heights of the British and even implemented British law. I think that it would be only good if the Kazakh elites are no longer linked to London. Hello freedom!


PS: Tom Tugendhat fascinates me because his family is from my neck of the woods. Below is Vila Tugendhat in Brno. His family fled in 1938 to Britain because of their Jewish origins.

SBU Visited Kazakh Activists in Kiev

Zrada came from where they least expected it. The other day, the Ukrainian secret service, the SBU visited young Kazakh anti-government activists based in Kiev. They may now be deported.

See the video here

I really wonder what is Zelensky’s game here. Is he just supporting the winning side, does he not want to sour relations with Kazakhstan because despite his pro-Western stance, Ukraine is still rather dependent on the resources of Eurasia and trade with China?

Kazakhstan Maidan Seems Like a Palace Coup

A version of the events has it, the current president, Tokayev decided to sideline the elder president, Nazarbayev through creating mayhem. Note the lukewarm reaction of US and the collective West, that way they are showing that these protests are not their pet project. This ain’t Belarus or Ukraine.

Sure Garry, fuck the EU!
Daily reminder why Putin is good…
EU must support every rioting scum around the World.

However, this is Kazakhstan moving towards a political culture of the neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, and this is not sustainable.

Rumours of Maidan in Kazakhstan

Protests in Kazakhstan over the increase in the cost of natural gas have spilled into a widespread anti-government protest. The government has resigned. Is it a Maidan? I don’t know that much about Kazakhstan but I know one thing, Kazakhstan is a country where Western funded NGOs are not so hindered in their work. Every Eastern country with Soros and USAid funded outfits is bound to be ass raped by Maidans, and Svidomism.

These protesters are tough, they burn everything.

Authoritarian Kazakhstan has good relations with Russia, and consequently an economy better than Ukraine. What do you think awaits a country that suffers from Maidan and ethnic strife? Will it have a cheaper gas?

By the way, Kazakhstan was created out of a Russian territory by the Bolsheviks, and if Kazakhstan loses its head, Russia will need to correct this Bolshevik decision. The territorial integrity of these formerly Russian lands is based on Moscow’s good will.

This riot is rich in imagery, they toppled a statue of Nazarbayev.