Kazakhstan Maidan Seems Like a Palace Coup

A version of the events has it, the current president, Tokayev decided to sideline the elder president, Nazarbayev through creating mayhem. Note the lukewarm reaction of US and the collective West, that way they are showing that these protests are not their pet project. This ain’t Belarus or Ukraine.

Sure Garry, fuck the EU!
Daily reminder why Putin is good…
EU must support every rioting scum around the World.

However, this is Kazakhstan moving towards a political culture of the neighbouring Kyrgyzstan, and this is not sustainable.

5 thoughts on “Kazakhstan Maidan Seems Like a Palace Coup

  1. I’ve been busy with moving lately. I only heard about the event in Kazakhstan. So I know they were protesting about fuel price originally, and most rioters came from the poorer parts of the country. I think there are a bit anti-Nazarbayev voice among the young ones. So you think it’s actually just the current president is trying to get rid of whatever remaining element of Nazarbayev’s rule?

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    1. It could also be that the protests were partially inspired by Nazarbayev himself. Bottom line is, we are dealing with a complex social issue, and reducing it to Maidan narratives is wrong.

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      1. It could also be that the protests were partially inspired by Nazarbayev himself… please explain


      2. Maybe as part of the internal struggle because the country is divided along tribal lines, and different tribes support different factions.

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      3. However, the internal struggle may be only a part of a puzzle. The Kazakh government spoke about foreign terrorists. It should be noted the protesters two days ago acted rather professionally and the mayhem has shown signs of a planned operation.

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