Ukrainian Cops are Also THOT Patrollers

Ukraine is a crime ridden East European shithole and I bet there are more dangerous criminals to take care of. However, check out this operation the Ukrainian police conducted…

A woman from Kiev was arrested for selling photos of an intimate character on OnlyFans. It should be noted that the police organised a special operation and even spent their budget to do it. A cop has signed up to the girl’s account on Only Fans, and asked her to send him intimate photos. He bought the pics for 330 Hryvnia. On the pictures, the suspect is posing on a webcam naked and shows her genitalia. Given material is considered of pornographic character which is banned by the article 301 of the Criminal Law. She is facing a 3-7 years in prison.

If I was to give young women an advice, I would suggest they find a husband, and pop out some white children. But that would be a revolutionary act. As much as I am concerned, sex work should not be legislated against, especially in a poor country like Ukraine. Women that flash their genitalia on a webcam were never a good marriage material, and the whole business is based on an army of simps that seek out this kind of service.

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