Antisemitic Christmas Offer

While in the West, Jon Stewart finds Jews in the goblins of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, in Ukraine you can get genuine antisemitic literature in online shops…

In his recent video, Anatoly Shariy mentions that the owner of the shop above, “Epicentr” is certain Galina Gerega, one of the richest people in Ukraine, who is very close to president, Zelensky.

You can get these three titles shipped for a price of 1499 HRN, with a discount of 500 HRN. The International Jew by Henry Ford, Mein Kampf of Adolf Hitler, and a book by Orey Volost called the Rat People. Orey Volost is a pseudonym of an anonymous author, the author likely hails from the Slavic neopagan, and neonazi scene judging by the ancient Slavic sounding pseudonym. The rat people are of course, the Jews.

What I find funny is that none of the titles featured are written in Ukrainian. Distribution of such material may be breaking several Ukrainian laws. As you can see, the people in Ukraine wipe their ass with the laws.

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