Ukrainian Newspaper Blames Putler for Coronavirus

Remeber folks, Putler, and Russia are guilty of everything under the Sun…

The Russian Origin of the Coronavirus: the Government Doesn’t Always say the Truth

In some media, information has appeared that the Chinese may not be directly responsible for the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in Wuhan. They are suspecting that it may have originated in Russia, and mutated in China.


Monkey Sees, Monkey Does

The municipality of Prague wants to rename the square on which stands the Russian embassy in honour of Boris Nemtsov…

The Russians will laugh at this stupidity, and Prague will spend money on absolute nonsense. That is all that will happen. Ordinary Czechs don’t give a fuck about Boris Nemtsov, and the latter has never done anything for the Czech Republic.

But little did I realize, how unoriginal the people in Prague that came up with this cringy initiative are. There already is a Boris Nemtsov Plaza in Washington D.C., named so in 2017. In 2018, Vilnius and Kiev were added to the list of proud cities featuring Russian Embassy addresses on Boris Nemtsov Square.


Plane Insanity

So it looks like Iran has admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian International Airlines flight few days ago…

But some seem not very satisfied. This is what I collected only today:

Note the Russian military markings on the tank.

The former secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, Oleksandr Turchynov thinks that the responsibility for the shooting down of the Ukrainian Boeing should be carried not just by the Iranian government but also that of the Russian Federation.


Iran shot down the plane of Ukrainian International Airlines at Kremlin’s request.

MH17 Putler.jpg

It seems Taras Kuzio peddles the same narrative.