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  1. Noticed how the dark green is increased slightly after it being reduced for ages? And light green is steadily decreasing, light red remains more or less the same and dark and bright red keep increasing? The way I see it, light green and light red may indicates a would be hoe. Many of them may never really get married or they won’t remain married for long. They just wanna fuck. Actually, I’ll come up with three categories:

    1. Dark red and bright red indicates complete hoes. Many of them were hoes even back in 2000s and may remain as that hoe ass bitch even as they enter into middle age. Believe it or not, many dudes out there actually simp for that 40 and 50 something pussies.

    2. Light red and light green may indicates the light weight hoes and intermediate hoes. They probably have a bit better standard and/or self-awareness and don’t wanna fuck more than they can afford nor do they wanna fuck nerds; either that, or they’re still 18 to 25 and just begin to enter into the realm of hoe-dom. The later one will go dark red or bright red as they age.

    3. The dark green and bright greens. Dark green may indicate thots, while bright green may indicate a trad woman or trad thot and only a very tiny percentage of normal, healthy women with true personality charms. It’s especially true in a more modern time. The earlier decades were the time when they were encouraging sexual experiments, as it wasn’t really long after sexual liberation within Western world. That was why dark greens were so unbelievably high. However, it went all the way down in 2000s aka the age of goes liberation. I always say that if you’re a dude lives in US and you were anywhere older than 21 during the entire duration of 2000s and you ain’t getting any pussy, you ain’t really living or you’re bullshitting. However, now it’s climbing back up. I predict it’ll climb up even more, as there are more thots than hoes.

    Hoes may still remain a thing as of now, but soon it’ll become thots running the show. Hoes are the ones who get into actions with any man who’s not mentally retarded, clinical autistic nor schizophrenic and seem to have lower IQ than thots – whether their low IQ is a good thing or not is a matter of perspective. Meanwhile, thots crave for attention and perhaps have a lower self-esteem overall, and their state of mind may lead to all sorts of complexes. And because of that, thots tend to show more skins than hoes in terms of fashion; either that, or they try to copy that Asian style of cuteness…some of them may do both at the same time. Because attention, ego-satisfying and to an extent, money, are their major motives, thots are less likely to get down (they still do though, but not nearly as often as hoes), less sociable and just overall bitchier than hoes. A lot of them are more active online too and they’re the main driving force behind today’s feminist movements such as that Me Too bullshit.

    Thots in general are more dangerous than hoes imho, as due to their complexes, they tend to have more desire to fuck men over. Well, all I can say is to pick your poison, as both the traditional materials or the ones who’re healthy, open minded and chill are about to go extinct.

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      1. Those type of Asian bitches often undergone that strict parenting and bone crushing schooling and may confuse skimpy dressing codes, especially the exposure of bottom half of their bodies where they probably get punished the most, as some form of liberation. At least that’s my theory, as it’s something I’ve been wondering for a while too. Governments, not matter if it’s democratic or communist, right wing junta…etc, kinda turn blind eye to it, as deep down inside, they want folks to believe they’re free but won’t cause too much of hassle to their rules, so that blame-shifting form of nationalism can actually work and nobody will ever get to the bottom of things; that the style of upbringing among Asians, especially Asian middle-class, is the source of all sorts of problems in the Far East.

        That said, I still support CCP though, as democracy may make all these problems way worse…middle-class, shit parenting, obsolete style of schooling, abuses, bullying, the lack of power behind the money…etc, all of those will be way worse and may officially turn China into a complete banana republic – sorry, knowing Chinese society, I dread to think what kind of president we gonna elect into the office. I still think China has hope though, but it needs to get its mind right fast, reform itself (just not into that liberal democracy bullshit) and liberate other parts of Far East.

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      2. I really don’t get what the difference is between the CCP and the Czech parliament that has 7 parties out of which 6 all sound the same. The Chinese government may censor the internet but given how much cancerous shit is on the internet, why not?

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      1. Bingo! This is why MGTOW is here to stay, and I’m a proud member of this movement. If the ladies want change, then they need to stand up for themselves against their parents – that whoring around bullshit and attention seeking/complete exposure of full leg skins bullshit doesn’t count. Standing up means do something about it, cut off ties and explore the realms beyond their parents, their school, that good old full body physical comfort and consumerism-filled pop culture, and find interests as well as developing an actual personality. Only then, men will actually show them respect and want to settle down with them permanently. Until then, they’re basically RPG-22.

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      2. I have never identified MGTOW as a movement. It is a statement and philosophy that rejects the feminist reality and shows men a way on their own terms. You should never marry any of these used hoes that have hit the wall. Do so at your own peril. If you are not the one wearing the pants in any relationship, just don’t continue it, and you will be better off. Don’t date single mothers, women with debt, and women that give you the attitude. It is these teachings that MGTOW forwards. I would not even get married in places like US and UK. The Czech Republic has better family courts but it is getting progressively feminist. MGTOW teaches you to navigate the post-feminist world. You note from some of my writings that most men are better off without a female partner. Modern women just don’t provide the fulfillment needed.

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  2. By reform, I’m not talking about things like multi-parties system nor unlimited internet. The way I see it, CCP may have a point on this one: let’s face it, the vast majority of Chinese population, at least the ones who actually play by the Confucian social rules, are simply too immature for world wide web. Giving them loads of information that we have access to and the only result is dudes adopting the faggot ass pop culture and bitches find new ways to strip themselves and come up with new ways to fuck men over. Until they find ways to deal with their parents, exposure to world wide web en masse will spell doom. See how it turned out in Hong Kong? See how cringe they were? Seeing those goofy ass Taiwanese?

    However, my reform is about unleashing the full potential of Chinese people and uplift the social rejects, or the ones who have resisted Confucian social rules and have a clear picture of what’s really going on, with no emotionalism attached – aka no mad dog style hatred towards CCP nor the chest bumping, and no daydreaming about the West and Japan/South Korea for that matter (actually, Japan and South Korea are also subjects in need of liberation from that East Asian bullshit too imo). If you ask me, the Asian social rejects have the most potential. They’re just beaten into being the way they are…poor financially, miserable, fearful, depressed, self-isolating, sometimes even suicidal. Those are the ones who should run the show, not the top performers and common Asians who either live in that tiramisu, America and booty shorts induced self-denial daydreams (this type may say they’re anti-Confucian, but still Confucian as shit…viewing themselves as inferior and develop inferiority complex is the most Confucian thing out there ever); or become that rigid, nationalist chest bumper with concrete for brain. I’ve even seen the cross between of two, and I think it’s time to steal the show from those who’re faithful to such version of China and East Asia at large. The rejects deserve better; the common Asians deserve better. This is why we need to unleash their full potential.

    This is the ideal scenario:

    -Chinese Jamahiriya, that follows a modified version of Gaddafism, with Hong Kong and Taiwan assimilated into it (I’ve actually had a discussion with a Taiwanese INTJ on Personality Database about how he loathes Taiwanese ISFJ-centered society, and I think it’s possible to gain supporters in Taiwan. Hong Kong may be even easier)
    -Weed legalized in China and THC related products and even weed tourism will be one thing to boost Chinese economic.
    -Guns legalized in China.
    -Encouraging the widespread of undisciplined yet intelligent form of masculinity (disciplined males have a high rate of turning into simps).
    -Mercenary will also generate revenues for China.
    -Even harsher crackdown on gay. Fuck it, I’m going Kadyrov style here.
    -Free housing for anyone older than 14 who’s willing to sign up – must have a job and able to afford utility bills though.
    -Job opportunity for 13 and above. How old is 13, honestly speaking? The way I see it, it’s not wrong to prevent abuses from lingering till way later age where it begins to traumatize a person to the level that even keeping jobs and coexisting with others is difficult.
    -The idea of tech school will be encouraged instead of being frowned upon. That job and degree related social hierarchy in East Asia needs to stop.
    -Rare earth mining and IT tech will still be there; except we need to find ways to make it more indestructible and less reliant on US.
    -Political parties may or may not be banned.

    Shit, if advertise it well, such concept may even gain supports within Japan and South Korea too. We get to mobilize rejects and start a new Japan and new Korea, who may become Chinese allies instead of the current status quo. China will once again become the leader of the Far East. BUT BUT BUT, until such concept can become a reality, CCP needs to stand strong. Liberal democracy may be even more pain in the ass to deal with without a strong backing and motivation from an outside source, as folks tend to believe they can just vote their problems away along with the exposing the full lower body skin bullshit, not to mention the pro-US/MacArthur element of it. Having CCP to crush potential enemies such as the hardcore democracy activists and those movements’ leaders while trying to steal away democracy supporters and meanwhile, some infiltration should be done – I’ve seen how Xi makes his move and how he eliminates his opponents within CCP. He got some mastery in realpolitik, and that’s how it should be done…who knows? Maybe Chinese Jamahiriya can happen without the removal of CCP. A lot of it depends.

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    1. Liberal democracy is a tool of control by Western capitalists. Introducing liberal democracy will lead to an elite capture and cucking before the West.

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