6 thoughts on “The FTX and Ukraine

  1. Speaking of this, I wanna bring up the abnormal patternt that I’ve observed when it comes to Ethereum. Honestly, I like that guy Vitaliy Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. I like his style, despite how I kinda got fucked over as well. It was made unminable back in September, which caused ETH prices to drop. However, the funny thing here is that Vitaliy actually criticized Putin for invading Ukraine, and even donated to Ukraine in the form of ETH. Then just few months later, he announced the merge, which made Ethereum unminable in the name of “saving environment”. However, the drop in prices means Ukraine’s ETH deposits got fucked over as well. This is one clever bastard I tell you. Hey that’s smart. I mean he’s a Russian Canadian, and a great chunk of ETH miners and buyers are still within the West. He said all that to maintain trust from the Western world, but the merge seems to suggest otherwise. Btw, I haven’t heard from him ever since the merge. Gotta check up on any news on him.

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      1. At the end of the day I understand the people that are in power, they don’t care about the country. Patriotism is for the proles.

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