One thought on “Eighteenth Century Has Arrived

  1. I honestly begin to think that they’re trying to trick everyone into living a pre-industrial life. Medieval technology but the faggot ass post-WW2 middle-class mentality. Yet the smiling virgins just happily accept it without thinking about consequences. What a bunch of grown ass babies they are. Speaking of smiling, I almost got into a beef earlier today when I was helping a customer packing her groceries. Bitch insisted on how all her stuffs can fit into the carts without taking the boxes into consideration. She was the one who demanded boxes. Give me a fucking break! And on top of that, she start that creepy ass giggling. I swear I would’ve punched her face in. The cashier was freaking out too and told me to be nice. Well, it’s a seasonal job and I already got alternative plan on top of my Japanese restaurant cook job anyways, so if they don’t hire me I’ll be like fine whatever.

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