Kanye West Playlist

I always liked Kanye West…

In years past, I was never interested in filling up my iTunes with his songs, this does not mean I did not enjoy them when I heard them on the radio, or from my friends. But recently, Kanye went off with some inane rants about black people being like the Jews in Egypt, or whatever. Big corpos went full holocaust on his income. He apparently lost three billion dollars in 24 hours but he is still left with four hundred million. $400 million, if you ask me, is a fuck you money. With that cash I could take over this country and become a King of the Czechs…

So, on the wave of Kanye cancelling and virtue signaling by big corps, and the kvetching and seething, I decided to enjoy some Kanye songs.

Here is the playlist so far, I have put some songs that I liked before, some others at suggestions. I wanna reach the number of 12. A dozen is a number of perfection. So here it is so far…

All of the Lights


Gold Digger (feat Jamie Foxx)

Flashing lights (feat Dwele)


I always liked black music, my grandmother had a collection of black spirituals on vinyl that my American relatives sent her. This is akin to that but with a 21st century twist. So please help me complete my Kanye playlist…

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