5 thoughts on “Paris: Svidomite Art Bombing

    1. Honestly, I like chipmunks and pigeons because I think they’re cute… 🙂 the obnoxious streamers, flag, and assorted crap is decidedly less cute. And don’t get me started on that rubbish Слава Украине / Героям слава nonsense. Yuck!


      1. My point is not about chipmunks and pigeons. It’s about how the liberals love to make everything childlike. Same thing with that crayon writings and drawings. It gets to the level that it’s creepy. Creepier than that loli shit if you ask me.


      2. Everything is Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings to them. You know, I would be embarrassed to make these analogies because those books are some of the most read in the World. Like every kid read them when appropriate age. I have been too old for Harry Potter by the time it came out, so thankfully I was spared that. This infantilisation of politics is the consequence of idiots joining the ranks.

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