Fly a Flag Bitch

If there is something out there that makes me want to see this World burn, it is the cowardly virtue signalling all around me. Every dork is flying a flag, be that a rainbow flag or the Ukrainian flag. Institutions, companies, individuals on social media, you see that shit everywhere. Meanwhile, the homosexuals are catching monkey pox, and the Ukrainian army is getting its ass handed to it.

4 thoughts on “Fly a Flag Bitch

  1. This is what happens when folks don’t want to think anymore. The more I see, the more it proves my theory to be right; modern day representative democracy really makes people lazy, as it creates a false sense of freedom. Just like free market capitalism and communism and many post-enlightenment ideologies, it’ll only work if you assume people are not corruptible. Plato was onto something when he was criticizing democracy.

    Representative democracy makes folks lazy and they’ll foolishly believe that they’re free when the reality suggests otherwise. Don’t try to wake them up though, unless you’re doing it for comedic purpose.

    Free market capitalism will only lead to one outcome; a society ran under jungle laws where crooks get all the good stuffs, and criminals as well as lowlifes of all sorts are worshipped. Current reality is pretty much inevitable under such circumstance. We live in a society.

    As for communism, one of the biggest problems I have with communism is this…ok I gonna quote it from that movie Demolition Man, “look, you can’t take away people’s rights to be an asshole”. The more the government tries, the more crooks and corruption there will be.

    But what can be done, is to make people’s assholeness less effective, by allowing the would be victims to defend themselves more effectively, or to get away from toxic and abusive environment easily. There’s no existing laws that can make it happens though. It requires a complete fundamental change in the way how we manage countries and governments. We can only hope that one day, folks will realize that Jamahiriya is the only way to end all these.

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