Chicks From Ukraine Welcome in Germany

It seems what the Twitter account that posted it cannot be viewed here in the Czech Republic because it violated local laws. Heck, I don’t know what evil deeds that channel has committed but I guess they are banned because we have freedom of speech.

Here is more, apparently this has been shot in Munich, Germany

5 thoughts on “Chicks From Ukraine Welcome in Germany

  1. Don’t know why they banned the image, but I guess they just can’t afford to let everyone knows what this supporting Ukraine/sanctioning Russia deal is really all about; to fulfill some horny simps’ erotic fantasies. Little did they know that Ukrainian bitches will turn into something monstrous, kinda like a combination of some random hood rats from your local ghetto, a middle-aged hag on period and that possessed girl from The Exorcist, once their Russia-hating simping husbands/boyfriends outlived their useful purpose. Don’t tell them though, at least we get to laugh at them while living in the economic mess they created.

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      1. And the more scared they are, the less likely the problems at hands will be resolved. I got banned for asking many things on Quora, ranged from Princess Syndrome in China to the piranha-sheep hybrid in Hong Kong and Taiwan, to the trends of worshipping lowlifes from the hood in US (from the looks of things, it’s kinda like that in EU too…probably a bit classier, but still). Those are real problems, but they don’t even wanna face it, let alone addressing them properly. This is the narratives they’re pushing:

        -Chinese society is bad because government is ran by Dr Evil’s Asian brothers, not because of Confucianism. Chinese people are so pure and innocent.

        -Hong Kong and Taiwan are the future of Asia (I call them bugmen’s favorite Asians, but shhh).

        -Japanese and Korean societies are so flawless that anyone pointing out anything wrong is an agent of CCP.

        -Affirmative action is such a wonder plan for American education system.

        -Ghetto trashes and gangbangers…oops, the struggling black and brown people, are in need of saving. Also, zoomers represent the future and work way harder than millennials, so stop the selfish whining about them ruining working environment and make life unbearable overall, as it makes you looks like crybabies.

        -See how clever our government is? They’ve managed to turn this Russia’s imperialist aggression into something that can empower Green movement. Green is what makes every innocent soul sing like a sparrow! Ain’t that beautiful?

        -Once again, Russia is bad and we must stop them!

        Anyone who doesn’t agree with the above points are in risk of getting cancelled.


      2. I studied with a Japanese guy that chose to live in India because he thought Japan sucks. The current crisis really reveals how much the West has declined. When countries are run by stuck up ideologues it is always a road to disaster and crash. Unwilling to change, the Commies in Eastern Europe just gave up.

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  2. So i guess Germany is solving gender imbalance introduced in 2015.

    Meanwhile Ukrainian men are dying so that they can be ruled by a Jew, chief negotiator is Georgian, their ultranationalists troops are commanded by an Armenian, and women will be bred by an imported Afroasiatics all over the Europe. Slava Ukraini retards.

    P.S. Eastern European diaspora tends to be retarded, but Galicians brought it to whole another level.


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