The Mainstream Media is Feeding You Shit

Well, I am not sure why anyone still trusts the mainstream media after their abysmal performance on Covid and the Ukrainian crisis. Hunter Biden’s laptop is a long established fact. We have all seen the photos and videos of Hunter having fun. I have posted those already in 2020, and they are still getting traffic to this day. I bet there were many more interesting things but the media failed to report on them before the presidential election. Watch a recent video by Russell Brand:

The mainstream are ones that have created a stink about so called disinformation. They have mouth full of fake news and Russian bots, when they are one ones who peddle most of the disinformation and suppress relevant information. You can’t blame people for turning to blogs and alternative websites in search of the truth, when mainstream media and dominant social media platforms have become a gutter, and when censorship has reached levels last seen in the Czech lands in 1980s.

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