9 thoughts on “The Exodus

    1. Those that do not have Jewish origins move to Georgia instead. Russians can stay in Georgia for most of the year without a visa, and it is close to Russia, so they can just take a ride to Vladikavkaz or anywhere in South Russia to renew their stay. Plenty of YouTubers, Tiktokers, Twitch streamers and gods know what else have moved there.

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  1. Depends on how you look at it. It’s kinda a good riddance if you ask me. Given the current situation, these socialites can be used to instigate protests and riots.


    1. This purge is actually beneficial to Russia as most of these individuals promoted “Russia is shit” and degenerate lifestyles, poisoning the minds of the youths.

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      1. In times like this, most of those “cool” people tend to backstab their motherland. During the time of peace and stability, they act like a complete imbecile. Sometimes they may trash their motherland if it makes them “cooler”; sometimes they may even act patriotic. All in all, they care little more than keeping up their “cool” image. However, once war breaks out, they’ll show their true color and run away…who knows? Some of them may end up on VoA or RFE.


      2. I don’t think VOA or RFE are elastic enough to house them all. Many of these types do not keep money in Russia. Given the sanctions, they cannot use them now. Word has reached me that my estranged Russian relatives also fled. Basically the anti-Russian sanctions caused the most anti-Putin segment of the country to quit Russia. It is incredible what this sanctions response is doing.

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