5 thoughts on “Liberals in the West are Livid Over Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine

  1. Speaking of Republicans, it just to show how out of touch with reality the liberals really are, and how little do they know about human psychology. If they’re referring to the ones who voted for Trump, well as far as I can see, the type of Republicans who’re really into Trump tend to sympathize with anyone with ego, stand on their grounds, say no to the “liberal corruption” or however they wanna call it. Some of them may view Putin as one of those characters, and others…I say not so much. There are even anti-Putin Trump supporters. I’ve known a guy from Houston who plays pool at the only two vaccine-free bars I know, who’s just like that. And as for the reason behind it? Bad childhood, shitty schools, having to put up with some of the most chaotic urban environment among the developed world (even though I must admit, Western European countries such as France, Sweden…etc are catching up with US, thanks to the migrants). Even though from my own interactions with them, I say some of them have shown some signs of lacking in street smarts and poor social skills, and it may make the matters even worse for them. Then again, it’s linked with the two points I’ve mentioned; the bad childhood and shitty schools.

    Liberals insists on bringing up that faggot ass “one world under rainbow” bullshit and they’ve tried as hard as possible to shove it down to everyone’s throat, when they have completely ignored the real roots of many societal issues and the very basic fact of how the world has been stuck with recession since October 2008. Especially with that annoying ass way they go about it; they try too hard to be….Harry Potter, for lack of better world. They try to make everything looks like a children’s story and it’s becoming really irritating. Of course there will be those who’re sick and tired of it. But no, liberals have to blame everything onto Russia.

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  2. Oh and may I add some of my personal observation? Out of everyone, the British ones are the most annoying one. They’ll try to rationalize when in fact you can clearly tell how full of shit, racist, prejudicial they are, then come up with thinly covered insult about your ethnic background and for me, they’ll keep trying to switch the topic to China; I’ve seen one brought up the Chinese tennis player sex scandal when the discussion was clearly about Russia and Ukraine, ridiculous! And out of all liberals, British are the biggest one at throwing whatever thinly veiled insults to you then act like a loving mother figure or something to you. Mother fuckers trynna get all Harry Potter and shit on me. Fuck them and their mother fucking mama!

    Can’t stand fucking passive aggressive limeys!

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    1. I don’t think a super advanced civilisation that made it to our star system has any need to talk to us. We are cute little animals to them.


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