Czech Special Forces are in Ukraine

They are heading north. A group of volunteers, former elite soldiers of the Czech Army, who have gone to Ukraine. Their exact location is secret after the Russians levelled the legionnaire base near the border. “It is clear that the bombing was not accidental, it was intended to dissuade volunteers like us” -one of the members of the Czech group told MF DNES. They have initially arrived at the Polish-Ukrainian border, where they were to meet a middleman that would take them to Yavoriv near Lvov. However, about a week ago that base was completely obliterate by the Russians. The Czechs were stuck at the border for several days.

The above article is behind a paywall, and no way I am paying idnes for subscription.

Hundreds of Czech would like to go fight in Ukraine alongside Ukrainians. General Petr Pavel says that perhaps hundreds of people in the Czech Republic would be willing to go. War gripped Ukraine is calling on volunteers to join its foreign legion. The Czechs are still not allowed by law to join.

I think the government will make sure those going to Ukraine will not be prosecuted upon their return. I am getting Ukrainian foreign legion or whatever they call it commercial on YouTube. They are encouraging this fuckery.

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