The Czech Government is Calling on Citizens to Reduce Their Consumption of Fuel

Reduce your consumption of fuel, part of the money is ending in Putin’s pocket, the government is calling on citizens. The people should reconsider their consumption of fuel because the Czech Republic is dependent on Russian fuel and part of the money ends in Russia. “While we are in an economic war with Putin, it is impossible to have losses” said the minister of finance, Zbyněk Stanjura. “Do not store fuel” said the prime minister.

The Prime Minister, Petr Fiala published this feat:

The government is currently intensively discussing how to react to economic war of Vladimir Putin against the Czech Republic and the countries of the EU. This war has only one goal. To disrupt the unity of the Czech Republic and to destroy democratic structures in our society.

Remember this this folks, the losers that rule over us will blame the fall out from the economic war they started against Russia on Putin. It was them, who enacted sanctions against Russia to support the disgusting regime in Kiev. Every time you go to the pump, get a full tank, say “fuck Petr Fiala, and fuck the Kiev regime.”

PS: This government should abolish VAT on fuel if it wants to help the people.

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