Anti-War Protests in Support of Ukraine are Disgusting

Suddenly we see people being worried about the Russian operation in Ukraine. These people were completely indifferent to the shelling of East Ukrainian cities by the Ukrainian military and the nationalist volunteer battalions. For many years, we heard reports of people suffering in the Donbas, where were all these people then? This operation could have been prevented if there was anyone willing to listen to Russia in Kiev, or in Washington.

Where is you momma young man?

I for one am very happy that Russia decided to end the pro-Western and fascist Ukraine. There will be a new Ukraine now. Soyboys can’t stop this.

2 thoughts on “Anti-War Protests in Support of Ukraine are Disgusting

  1. For outside of Russia, it’s the usual liberals who do the protests. The same crowds that were against Trump on everything except when it comes to his measures against China, if not the complete antifa. Nothing new here. However for the ones that takes place in Russia itself, it’s more of the young upper-middle class thing I suppose. The ones who’re “educated” tend to go against things like this. Well, I doubt any of them give a rat ass about Ukraine shelling Donbass. They care more about showing their asses on Instagram, latest iphone and getting name brand clothes…not too dissimilar with their Chinese counterpart actually, except they’re less likely to whore themselves out in Western university campus with either the awkward behaviors or try to flirt with them frat boys (thanks God). Perhaps it’s time to see who’re the real friends.

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