Can Astrology Predict Future?

I do not have a good answer to this? But I believe that it can. Let’s see how a couple of predictions I made in 2019 stack up today. Back then I have systematised the setup according to which consists of:

  1. Sidereal Zodiac – I have been researching the Astrological Great Ages which are based up the Precession of the Equinoxes, and I cannot reconcile this doctrine with the continued use of the Tropical Zodiac. It was Cyril Fagan’s writings that made me aware of this discrepancy and I am employing the Fagan and Bradley Zodiac for all the charts that I cast.
  2. The Whole Sign house system. It makes things a bit easier than the other systems, and I haven’t been convinced that the other systems make analysis better.

At the moment I mostly study the transits of slow planets, and their aspects. Transits include aspects to planets in the natal chart, which I believe are times of crucial events at which pivotal events happen. In the case of the Russian Federation, a modern state, I have a good knowledge of the exact times, which I have gleaned from reading related astrological articles in Russian, and that means I am confident with the houses. I therefore look for aspects occurring in houses and I try to glean future events.

Natal Chart of the Russian Federation

I must admit that I have never done this exercise to the fullest and always explored just one or two phenomena. I still need to work out the pipeline of interpretation. But nevertheless, let us see what I produced in December 2019:

Based on this chart, I see two major events, I see first of all a Saturn return in the Fourth House. And I see the slow transit of Pluto across the Fourth House. This combo should have a transformative effect on the opposition in Russia. It remains to be seen how it will play out. There is also Jupiter passing through the Fourth House.

Saturn is a harsh teacher, and the Russian opposition will likely suffer a harsh lesson. Nevertheless, Pluto will likely cleanse the opposition of unneeded elements. Pluto and Saturn together always signify a reaction. Whether that means a reaction of the Russian public to the powers that be, or the reaction of the powers that be to the people demanding reform, remains to be seen.

Pluto is on the cusp of Capricorn, and about to ingress into the Fifth House, where it shall remain for over a decade. The Fifth House governs entertainment, it is where Russia’s Luna is. Likely, Russia’s infotainment is up for a slow burning transformation. There may even be a bit of a crisis at first, in the coming year as Saturn makes way into Capricorn. The ruler of the Fifth House here is Saturn, hence the planet will feel at home. The ingress of Jupiter should however kickstart the transition in the fullest within few months.

The Fifth House also governs children, hence natality could transform, with the help of the state perhaps. Taxes may increase, or suffer restructuring. The Fifth House also governs general wellbeing, the transit of mostly Malefic planets warns that the next few years, public’s discontent may be an issue.

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle has long played a major role in Russian and Soviet History. The Soviet Union has the Hammer and Sickle as its symbol. Its esoteric meaning is the hammer of Thor, who was associated with Jupiter by the Romans, and the sickle of Saturn. It was coincidentally crafted during the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which marked the assumption of power by the Soviets.

In December 2019, I was not aware of the decision of Putin to replace Dmitry Medvedev with Mikhail Mishustin. That happened literally a month after my analysis. And what was the main thing Mishustin did in office? He reformed the taxes. So the ingress of Saturn and Pluto into Capricorn that represents the 5th House was so far about the taxes.

In personal astrology, the Saturn return is when transiting Saturn returns to the same position it was at birth. The period around the age of 30 is when your life choices are evaluated. Your education and experience either pay off or they lead to a midlife crisis, and you are forced to reevaluate your life. I thought that organisations, and regimes will have the same karmic process going on for themselves.

We have had seen such a reevaluation of interests in the Constitution Referendum. Russia was living with a naive constitution since the 1993, some say dictated to the Russians by the Westerners, and it came time to update it to contemporary challenges. In his recent post, one of the last on his UNZ review blog, Anatoly Karlin described the spiritual maturation of the Russian Federation as follows.

So broad and all-encompassing is the shift that, just as academics came to classify what happened between Putin’s rejection of Western moral supremacism in the Munich speech of 2007 to the gay propaganda law in 2013 as a “Conservative Turn” (Nicolai Petro), so I believe future historians will classify the 2018-21 period as a “Nationalist Turn.”

Since the planet Saturn is in the 4th house, that means the house of opposition parties, Russia has a serious issue with opposition, the opposition is there and yet they are either soviet, imperial nostalgists, or Western funded occidental supremacists. The politics of Russia are torn between roughly patriots and westernisers, and it may have something to do with Saturn, Uranus and Neptune being all located in Sagittarius, a sign of the universal and home of the galactic centre. Jupiter in the tenth house of ruling elite is in opposition to this triple conjunction. The karmic lesson for Russia in the next Saturn cycle is to build a political culture within the Russian context.

The years 2007 and 2013 do not relate to the Saturn transit cycle but between those years was 2011, when the transiting Saturn came to waning square to the natal Saturn in the chart of Russian Federation. This has seen Russia erupt in large protests, the largest the pro-Western crowd ever staged. Ever since, Russia restricted the financing coming from the West for these groups, and the NED inspired protest dissipated. At the time of the return, the Navalny outfit was completely destroyed by authorities.

The transit of Pluto through the 5th house in Capricorn will have a bearing on Russia’s overall wellbeing in the next 10 years, it will be painstakingly transformed. I still cannot say if for the better, probably not.

PS: Watch a professional astrologer, Joni Patry, make predictions that came true.

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