Serbia’s Vuchich Blames the EU for Energy Crisis

Remember my dear readers, Russophobia is very expensive. Mittleuropa will see only poverty and war…

Reports have it, the President of Serbia, Aleksandr Vuchich said the current quagmire with energy prices in the EU are the result of irresponsible policy of the European elites, and that Serbia is saved because it gets gas through the Turk Stream Balkan extension under a long term contract with Gazprom.

The EU policy is motivated by two factors, Russophobia and the worship of Greta Thunberg. Absolute madness on the par with Ukrainian Svidomism. The EU gave us the Third Energy Packet, to phase Gazprom out of the EU market. The Europeans rejected long term contracts with fixed prices in favour of market pricing. This I recall was also an initiative that came from Brussels. Also, there is the fossil fuel tax, which is traded in a form of allowances, or rather indulgences, another wonderful EU initiative. All this was done to stick it to Putler, and placate Greta’s neurosis.

German economy minister

We have a new progressive government in the Czech Republic, the parliament is just crawling with wannabe bear hunters, and this could not have happened to better people. The new German economy minister said that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was a geopolitical mistake and should not be launched until spring. They think they are sticking it to Putler like this but Gazprom is making a killing. This crisis shows the bankruptcy of Russophobia…

Stay warm, burn wood…
I live surrounded by woods

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