My Brother’s Genetix

I assume my test would come out similar, so I haven’t got a reason to make my own. I am poor, I need money for books to read for my own literary project. So here it is, and it conforms family history.

Mittleuropa, Greater Russia and literally everything in between. Slovaks, Poles, and Ukrainians…

My ancestor, Dominik Kramer, a carpenter, came to Liptál, or Lipthal, also Liebenthal, Moravia sometime in 1790s, or the early nineteenth century, with his noble from South Western Germany, probably fleeing revolutionary France. His son Anton married Mariana Himmer, a daughter of a ranger. Onwards, these German immigrants married only local Czechs, and Slovaks, because I do not see any German surnames in that line. They Teutonicised these Slavs, and my grandmother was a German speaker.

So I guess that explains the Germanic 5% influence.

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