Concerned About Russian Budget From Dnipro

I have already written about the Ukrainian city, Dnipro becoming a capital of telephone scam. Similar issue is with the West turning Ukraine into a massive troll farm. Large Russian speaking population that has been molded by propaganda is all but willing to troll the Russians pretending to be Russian. However, they often display signs of being Ukrainians, and blow their cover…

Belarus will receive a loan from Russia to the tune of 3.5 billion dollars. I, a Russian that pays taxes into the budged, so that schools, hospitals, roads can be built, and pensions for old people and the disabled increased am angry that Putin sponsors loyal cannibals with my tax money.

But in other posts, Vlad presents a completely Ukrainian reality:

Just imagine what has been done with Ukrainians after 30 years of resolute reforms. Here in Dnipro, a woman comes every Monday to trade vegetables all the way from Cherkassy. That is 290 km for your understanding.
The heating has been cut off. Instead of preserving my immunity, I am spending it to fight the cold. People will become sick and will run to get a test for Covid. Absolutely abysmal administrative decision. Filatov (the mayor, or the regional governor, I have to check) is toying with the collapse of the medical system of Dnipro and will decrease the immunity of the population.


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