Ukrainian Town Dniepr Named Capital of Telephone Scammers

One of the benefits of living in the Czech Republic is almost never getting spam phone calls…

We are a small nation that never had any colonies and therefore we do not have post-colonial shitholes with call centers aimed at scamming money out of gullible residents of a former metropole.

While I was living in London, I was getting spam calls from India every day. I would ask the callers some control questions and then I would tell him my opinions about their mothers. Their reactions gave me much joy.

It seems Russia too has a post-colonial shithole that hosts call centres that scam people out of their money. You guessed it, it’s Ukraine! The city of Dniepr (Dnipro in Ukrainian),formerly known as Dniepropetrovsk, and established by the Russian empress Catherine the Great as Ekaterinoslav (the city literally changed its name 3 times in the last 100 years), is according to Sberbank a capital of spam phone based fraud.

Dniepr is home to around 150 call centers that prey on gullible Russians, their callers present themselves as workers of Russian banks to weasel out money from their victims.

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