Zingeris: Lithuania is Paying a Price for Wanting to Turn Belarus Into Ukraine

This video has it all…

I have found a video on Politnavigator, that terrible Russian disinformation platform, which however happens to be more informative than your mainstream media. It features Lithuanian parliamentarian, Emanuelis Zingeris speaking to a Belorussian opposition figure. I translate what he says.

I would like to tell my Belarusian friend that there isn’t any relent in Warsaw or Vilnius. You know how much we are paying for this. Belarus, Lukashenko, the former president has given an order to remove all the transports, starting with Potassium, through Klajpeda. This is the closest port for Belarus, one third of all transports through Klajpeda are Belarusian transports, we have rejected those things too… And we are simply on the side of the Belarusian people and it costs us, we understand this, and I am glad our government has given a clear statement on this matter. We are on the side of reforms in Belarus, we support Mrs. Tikhanovskaya and we hope that the Belarusian people learn from the experience of Ukraine and adopts Ukrainian structural changes. How Ukrainian became todays Ukraine…

There are politicians, who are so deluded as to give Ukraine as an example. Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe; it has a civil war on its territory; the Russian language, which Zingeris uses to communicate to his Belarusian friend is not official there; millions of people are forced to emigrate in search of jobs and security (Lithuania experiences similar trends); opposition parties are being under legal harassment; TV channels are being closed; neonazis celebrate SS in Kiev…

Belarusians can be glad Bat’ka did not allow Belarus to become Ukraine.

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